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Mrs Janet Lovell

8 Windermere Road



IP14 1LD

PHONE:01449 612264

EMAIL: janetlovell@ymail.com

A few years ago Wattisham Baptist Chapel commissioned one of their members, Janet Lovell, to research and record a history of the Church from its founding in 1763 to the present day.

No previous research or written work had been done so Mrs Lovell had to sift through minute books, magazine articles and archive materials - a massive task!

The result was this worthy history entitled “All of Grace” which was first made available at the 250th Anniversary services on March 9th 2013.

Reactions from those who have read it include comments about its readability, the reverent style, suitable inclusions, judicial exclusions and the inspiring accounts of faithfulness under difficult circumstances.

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of this history is the reflection (p154) that “Throughout its existence there has been no deviation from the original Articles of Faith, founded upon what it believed to be the order of sound scriptural doctrine. The doctrines of God’s sovereign, unmerited grace to sinful, undeserving humankind, have been unceasingly preached.”

These Articles of Faith are also published in the appendix, as is a list of the 14 faithful pastors who took their turn at leading this “little flock”.

Not only does “All of Grace” track the Lord’s gracious leading and keeping through 250 years, it also provides a window into local and national history as it is reflected in the lives of the members of this rural church.  Struggles with poverty, times of revival, a nation at war and rapid changes in society during the 20th and 21st centuries are all reflected in the life of Wattisham Baptist Church.

“All of Grace” is available to purchase at just £4 per copy (plus postage and packing £1.70). Please apply to Mrs Lovell:

“ALL OF GRACE”  by Janet Lovell,  a history of the 250 years of  Wattisham Baptist Church  from 1763 - 2013 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________